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CMR opens Responsible Room

On February 8th of this year, CMR ratifies its commitment to the peace of his colleagues and Mexican families to implement a Responsible room, a multifunctional measure created to support all the team members who are lactating, and all those who want go to a nutritional appointment twice a week.

As part of the Welfare project, in suport of a healthy workplace culture, Responsible room supports the optimal growth and development of children, moms providing a quiet environment in a totally satisfactory intoned.

“In CMR, we are very pleased to open this space, as we are aware of the importance of breastfeeding, which provides essential nutrients and antibodies, is high in protein and minerals, easily digestible, it promotes growth and maintains the health of the newborn. ” Said Maria Cisneros, Director of Public Relations and Social Responsibility in CMR.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Vargas complemented: “For all of us at CMR is priority to benefit all who are part of our work team and their families. Constantly we carry out practices that contribute to build a solid program of social responsibility.”