CMR and Humane Society International join forces to improve animal welfare in the supply chain

CMR, announced with Humane Society International (HSI), that will improve animal welfare standards within its supply chain in Mexico, starting with the transition to a cage-free egg.

In Mexico, millions of chickens spend their lives confined in battery cages so small the animals can barely move or fully stretch their wings. CMR joins the movement ‘cage free’ as have leading companies that have made this commitment in Mexico.

Georgina Salazar Cabañs, Director of Purchasing at CMR said: “In CMR, we seek to support our long-term business, taking care and reducing our impact on the environment, which includes a better treatment of farm animals in our supply chain Mexico.”

We will work together with egg suppliers and Humane Society International to ensure that the products offered to the guests comply with the provisions of this agreement. Currently, the Premium brands such as Bistró Chapultepec, Capital Grille and El Lago have managed the task, and the rest of the brands will supply only cage-free egg until 2022.
Sabina Garcia, Project Manager and Corporate Involvement Department of Animal Production of HSI, said: “By adopting a free cage policy, CMR is demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility and at the same time responding to the demands of their customers for products with higher animal welfare. We are pleased to continue working with CMR to improve animal welfare in its supply chain, and invite other companies to join this local movement and global cage free.

“Animal’s welfare is a priority issue CSR, so in CMR we are proud to join this important initiative,” concluded Joaquin Vargas Mier y Teran, CEO of CMR.
With this movement, the company shows once again that is committed to improve the welfare and respect, as each grain of sand that we provide counts for a lot and makes the difference.