CMR | Explore the delights of Mayan Kitchen in Fonda Mexicana

Explore the delights of Mayan Kitchen in Fonda Mexicana

From May 10 until July 10 Fonda Mexicana invites you to explore the best of Yucatecan cuisine “Las Delicias de Yucatan: Route by Mayan Kitchen”. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes and ingredients that raise the taste of our culture.

Recognized as the gateway to the Mayan World, Fonda Mexicana offers a wide variety of flavors to your guests, mixture of products used by ancient Mayans, flavors brought from Europe and then Caribbean and Middle East contributions.

To give life to this culinary center, Fonda Mexicana gather Los Almendros, as an expert Yucatecan restaurant, talented chefs Pamela Esquivel and Alejandro Aguilar, owner of the innovative proposal: The Palapita of Tamales in Valladolid, Yucatan.

Fonda Mexicana surprises owners and strangers with all its attractions and especially delicious taste of traditional cuisine.

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