CMR Foundation and Dish Foundation join for child development program with the Seed Movement

This June 2, 2016 was a statement that for the first time CMR Foundation and Dish Foundation pooled their efforts to raise public awareness with the Seed Movement campaign, and invite strategic partners, brands, advertisers and Mexican society to participate to plant a better country. The fundraiser will run this June 29.

The fundraising campaign will take the following steps:

  • 30 days awareness campaign and donation
  • Closing event of donation
  • 15 day results campaign

The visual weakness and malnutrition are a huge concern for child health among poor communities in the country. More than 1 million children in this sad reality are severely malnourished and nearly 6 million cope any eye health problem. In this perspective arises MOVEMENT NIB, which aims to protect the health of the neediest children in Mexico and awareness that with everyone’s help can radically change the life of a child.