Beyond the straws, CMR raises awareness about the impact of single-use plastics

  • A CMR initiative that reacts actively to this paradigm shift since 2015
  • The next step to combat the use of single-use plastics


Mexico City, July 2018. After the video of a sea turtle suffering from a straw stuck in its nostrils went viral, society began to reevaluate the true impact of this utensil. Actively reacting to this new questioning, in 2015 the restaurants of CMR began with the campaign “No straw”, which consists of stop offering straws to diners unless they request it.


The first CMR brand to implement this campaign was Red Lobster, due to its interest in caring for the sea, and in coffee shops such as Wings and Fly by Wings with the aim of generating consumer awareness; Later, all the other brands were added: La Destilería, Fonda Mexicana, Bistró Chapultepec, El Lago, The Capital Grille, Olive Garden, LongHorn and Chili’s.


Being a CMR pioneer in this movement, it has managed to reduce 26% of the consumption of straw, which is equivalent to a total of 4,726,000 pieces. In addition, currently all CMR restaurants use compostable straw, this means that they are made from plants, and compared to a conventional one that takes more than 200 years to degrade, they take 90 to 240 days to decompose when discarded in organic garbage.


Now, since measures have been taken over 3 years to reduce the consumption of straws, CMR goes further, and proposes a second phase by raising awareness that these utensils are part of a group of waste better known as: single-use plastics. In addition to the straws, other items are used daily in this category such as: plastic bags, water bottles, plastic cups, take-away food containers, among others. Single-use plastics take place more on than 40% of total plastic waste and each year 8.8 million tons of plastic waste reaches the oceans.


Therefore, CMR is committed to society and the environment, transforming the materials of its straws, its packaging and bags to carry in biodegradable and compostable products. Only in 2017, CMR succeeded in replacing 43 thousand glasses and 30 thousand plastic / unicel containers.


CMR shares some simple tips to join this cause and think beyond the straw:


  • Always carry your coffee thermos, as this will not only prevent the use of water bottles or coffee cups, but in several places like the Nescafé coffee shops you will receive a special discount for using your thermos.
  • Always say no to the straw, if it is an item that you use every day, load it with your reusable straw or visit restaurants that offer straws made from alternative materials such as plants or paper.
  • Always carry a reusable bag, they take up very little space so it can be carried in your handbag, you never know when you could use it.
  • Choose restaurants that are socially responsible, CMR cares about the the environment and the community, therefore, has made different initiatives. In this way you will be enjoying a unique experience and at the same time contributing to different causes.


For more information about these initiatives, see


Share these simple tips with the family and generate a great environmental impact.


No doubt an initiative that invites us to contribute, just improving our daily habits … We inherit the planet they deserve to future generations.