CMR – Grandes marcas de gastronomía internacional | Nestlé and CMR will open more than 150 NESCAFÉ coffee shops in Mexico

Nestlé and CMR will open more than 150 NESCAFÉ coffee shops in Mexico

·       With an investment of more than $800 million pesos

·       More than 1,000 direct jobs will be generated

·       A sale of 40 thousand cups of coffee a day is expected once the project is finished


Mexico, CDMX, February 7, 2018. Within the framework of the inauguration of its new NESCAFÉ coffee shop, located at Insurgentes Sur No.810 in Colonia del Valle, Nestlé signed an expansion contract with the restaurant operator CMR, to open more than 150 establishments in Mexico in a short period of time. The NESCAFÉ coffee shops represent a new business model with an accessible proposal in terms of service, location and price, in an environment that will make your guests feel at home. The project will require a joint investment of more than $ 800 million pesos and will generate more than 1,000 direct jobs.


The expansion plan for NESCAFÉ coffee shops seeks to grow gradually in every corner of the Mexican Republic. An approximate sale of 40 thousand cups of coffee per day is expected once the project is finished.


“In 2016 we opened the first NESCAFÉ coffee shop in Polanco. The idea was to create a new business model to bring the experience of drinking coffee outside home, using the strength of the brand preferred by 95% of Mexican families; so we are now signing an alliance with CMR to start an expansion project. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to bring a new experience to consumers, which will make them feel at home when enjoying their favorite coffee, “explained Philipp Navratil, Vice President of Cafés y Bebidas of Nestlé Mexico.


“The consumption of coffee outside the home has grown faster than the consumption within it, which is why we are excited to participate in a new category of food service: coffee shops.


CMR is a company that believes in alliances, thanks to this, we have achieved a successful synergy with Nestlé Mexico to operate NESCAFÉ coffee shops, enhancing the experience of the two companies, which will be the recipe for success to achieve the expected results. “, affirmed Joaquín Vargas Mier y Terán, Executive President CMR


The NESCAFÉ coffee shops are inclusive, they seek to conquer the whole family regardless of age and adapt to different spaces. Its menu is innovative and at the same time traditional, from a cup of NESCAFÉ coffee or Chocolate Abuelita to a freshly baked bakery, a variety of sandwiches and natural juice made at the moment. They also offer free Wi-Fi and a contemporary setting, inspired by the colors of NESCAFÉ.