CMR – Grandes marcas de gastronomía internacional | CMR sees World Food Day as a platform for compliance with the SDGs

CMR sees World Food Day as a platform for compliance with the SDGs

  • CMR calls on the sector to join in the fulfillment of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) – Zero Hunger


  • CMR FOUNDATION fights nutrition problems in children living in poverty and invites civil society to be part of the solution to this problem


Mexico City, October 2018. In Mexico around 53 million people live in poverty *, 13.6% of the population under 5 years suffer from chronic malnutrition and in contrast we occupy the first place in childhood obesity. Therefore, the food sector is key in the development of initiatives and projects that contribute to transform this reality.

Aligning these strategies to the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) number two, Zero Hunger, and boosting the collaborative work of the sectors involved is vital to meet the goal: End hunger and poverty.

Therefore, on this occasion, in the celebration of World Food Day, celebrated on October 16, proclaimed by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), provides the perfect setting for CMR to call the financial sector to join this commemoration and this important cause.

This next October 16, at 9:00 a.m. Joaquín Vargas Mier y Teran, Executive President of CMR will attend as special guest, to BIVA Stock Exchange, to ting the bell to start the session together with Maria Ariza, Director of this financial institution and member of the CMR Foundation Board.

In addition to this important event, CMR FOUNDATION, which since 2005 works to combat child malnutrition and the anemia of children living in poverty, promotes two special activities:


  • Food Weekend: from October 12 to 16, in all CMR restaurants (Wings, Fly by Wings, Nescafé, La Destilería, El Lago, Bistró Chapultepec, Olive Graden, Red Lobster, Chili’s) They will be doing activities that will allow diners to raise awareness about the nutritional problems of thousands of Mexican children and find out how they can be part of the solution.


  • Launch with Promotora Social Mexico and Grupo México Foundation, of the 7th World Food Day 2018: from October 16 to November 16, any foundation that contributes to fight child malnutrition in our country, can upload your project on the website ( to be funded for a year.

But the work carried out by CMR and the foundation is not only due to this celebration, in the last year (October 2017 to 2018), thanks to the joint efforts with other organizations, they achieved:

  • Benefit 12,565 children in poverty
  • Decrease malnutrition in the indicator (W / A) by 25.5%
  • Reduce cases of chronic malnutrition by 13%
  • Achieve that 82% have a normal blood iron concentration
  • 64% of children have an appropriate weight for their age
  • 50% of children have an appropriate height for their age.

In addition to the work carried out by the foundation, CMR has the “Al Rescate” program, which consists of rescuing food from their kitchens and distribution centers in perfect nutritional conditions, which would otherwise be wasted, to be delivered to institutions of social benefit such as: orphanages, asylums, to name a few. In the last 12 months with this program, 11,082 kg of their kitchens have been recovered and $ 953,560.00 in products donated by the distribution center.