Our Organizational Culture at CMR is based on responsability, understood as our own desicion to over come the circunstances, demostrating the commitment and the necessary in involvement to archive the Key Results: Employees, Guests, and Profitability.

Our Beliefs represent the essence of what we want to be as a team, showing our values reflected in a common set of behaviors for all team members. That’s why CMR!

  • We Take Resposability I choose to take responsability, to act, drive things for ward and to achive the keys results.
  • Feed Back is the Key Giving and receiving feedback enriches me. We Are Suprised by Reality I use my creativity and intelligence to find the winning path.
  • Together We Achive More I communicate and over come the limits to achive the key results.
  • We build trust: My transparency earns people´s trust in me.

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